Purchase Options

Purchase Options

Purchase via INVG-Fahrinfo-App

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The easiest way, is to download our INVG-Fahrinfo App from the Google Playstore or App-Store on your smartphone. Register there and conveniently purchase your Deutschlandticket under "Tickets".



Purchase via Online-Shop

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This option should only be used, when you want to purchase a Deutschlandticket for another person like your children or spouse. Here, you also habe to donwload and register in our INVG-Fahrinfo App. In addtion, you have to sign at Online-Shop with a new account but same e-mail address as in our INVG-Fahrinfo App.


To our Online-Shop:


Get Deutschlandticket here!


Purchase via Printticket

mr. mockup.de/ vgi.deAs of now, there is only a German version of the formular you have to fill out in order to obtain your Deutschlandticket as Print@Home version. You have to bring the formular to the costumer center or send it via mail to kundencenter@vgi.de. You will receive the ticket monthly as a Print@Home ticket to the e-mail address you provided. The paper ticket must be printed out in order to be used. In addition, an official photo ID must be carried. Please note that it can take up to 8 working days from submitting the application to receiving the Print@Home paper ticket.